Michigan-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team


The MI-1 Training Section is comprised of a Training Officer and other instructors as needed. All are devoted to ensuring that team members receive the training necessary to achieve the skill levels required for deployment. Training methods include:
Classroom (Didactic) Training
Internet-based curriculum
Field exercises (FTXs)
NDMS sponsored events

Conferences and seminars

Sessions are conducted in an informal, adult-oriented, learning environment. When needed, outside instructors with specialized expertise also contribute. These sessions use a combination of lectures, A/V presentations and are presented several times each year in conjunction with web-based resources. Classroom and web-based training precedes a field training exercise (FTX) that serves to incorporate and reinforce lessons learned.

Web-based training
One of the most useful tools currently available to team personnel to learn deployment skills is the Responder eLearn training program. This program is available only to NDMS approved team personnel.

In order to be considered deployable by both NDMS and MI-1 DMAT, each team member must maintain licensed/credentialing in within their scope of practice and demonstrate competency in the following areas:
Personal and team safety
Aircraft safety
Base of Operations (BoO) setup and maintenance
Incident Command (ICS)
Hazardous Materials Awareness